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Founded by well known area business man Norm Rinehart in 1979, Abbot & Rinehart Jewelers is a pillar of the jewelry community in Downtown Portland. We specialize in custom jewelry, men's jewelry, and engagement rings. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers. We strive to really listen to your wants and needs, so that we can provide you with the perfect piece at a fair value.


Abbot & Rinehart changed ownership in 1996 when it was acquired by it's current owners.

Imer Rodriguez, Manager, Abbot & Rinehart Jewelers

Imer Rodriguez

Inspired by his lifelong love for jewelry, Imer began working as an apprentice diamond broker in March of 2005 at the shoulder of one of the greats - Don Sexton, a local jewelry and fashion icon. Growing up in Mexico Imer learned at a young age he had a passion for the finer things in life: hard work, honesty, family, fast cars, fine clothes and of course - jewelry. These values and passions of his led to a successful and fast advancement of Imer's career. By 2007 he was promoted to General Manager and later VP of the company.

"I've always loved jewelry. Well I loved nice clothes first and as I got older I started to realize that jewelry was the best, if not only, accessory to any upscale attire. I love to wear the things I sell and I think that's important. I have a passion for what I do, and not just from a business standpoint, I have a personal passion for jewelry making it very easy for me to become passionate about what my customers are looking for.

Jewelry and jewelers are like doctors, and some other daily professionals, you don't think about them until you need one. A good jeweler is overlooked or unknown until the customer has already been burned somewhere else. I want to be the jeweler my customers recommend to their friends."

Imer specializes in large custom pieces as well as smaller more day to day jewelry. 

Cody Patey, Abbot & Rinehart Jewelers

Cody Patey
Lead Sales Associate/Asst. Manager

Coming from a family of creatives and self-sufficient, local, business owners, Cody found he had a knack for working with customers to design one-of-a-kind pieces. His background in small business also led him to understand the power of a non-pressure sales atmosphere and delivering true value to customers: 

"Look I'll be upfront. I absolutely despise high-pressure sales people. Can't stand 'em. I usually hang up or walk-out if I can't make it clear I want nothing to do with their techniques. So I promised myself that if I ever did enter into the sales world, I would only do so at a company where I truly felt like we passed on a fair value to our customers, and in a relaxed atmosphere. I found that at Abbot & Rinehart Jewelers ten years ago and I haven't looked back.

Cody specializes in engagement rings, certified used Rolex watches, gift planning, and extremely custom and unique men's jewelry.